General Conditions of Transport with Way Express Courier's



The following are not considered as documents: Photolithographs or photographs.



For shipments to countries that belong to the E.U.:


It is not necessary to attach a proforma invoice of the merchandise, simply the description, only in insuring the shipment must be provided, to know and justify the value of the merchandise to the insurer.


For shipments to countries that do NOT belong to the E.U.:


 It is necessary to attach an invoice or pro-forma in Spanish and English, such shipments may be subject to payment of duties, which are generally the responsibility of the recipient. In the event that the sender wishes to assume them, it must be previously notified together with the collection for processing in those cases in which it is feasible.



 Way Express Courier's will not accept for shipment through the courier service: cash, bearer checks, unsigned credit cards, jewelry, ingots and the like, antiques, stamps, precious metals, drafts, plants, drugs, tobacco, weapons, works of art, precious stones, traveler's checks, animals, perishable, combustible or dangerous products or materials, goods or objects whose transportation is prohibited by any legal or regulatory provision or of another rank, issued by competent authorities of any of the countries of origin, transit or destination.


Transit Times:


 The indicated terms (transit days-business days) do not include weekends or holidays in any of the countries through which the shipment transits. The established transit times refer to shipments sent from Spain. Transit times are not guaranteed when shipments are destined for Fairs, individuals or consignees whose reception is subject to time restrictions.


Weights and Measures:


All merchandise will be weighed and measured before shipping, either when it is picked up (all our vehicles have a merchandise weighing and cubed system), or upon arrival at our warehouses, before being loaded onto the plane.


Any shipment weighing more than 68 Kgs per package and/or extraordinary measures (more than 3m long), must be notified in advance in order to confirm what type of service can be used, adapting to the needs of the moment both in price and time. of transit, otherwise they may be retained, as well as if a significant discrepancy arises between our data and those provided by the shipper.




Packaging will be the sole responsibility of the customer. This is obliged to deliver the merchandise duly packed and labeled, providing it with proper protection according to the characteristics of the content. For your bottle shipments, we provide you with packaging designed to protect this type of merchandise (not included in the published rates).


Way Express Courier's, has re-packaging and protection services that it makes available to all its customers, consult.


Collection request:


Collection schedule in accordance with the guidelines set by the office in charge of your geographical area. Requests can be made by the following means:


By phone or through the email addresses that we enable for this purpose.


Automatic confirmations via e-mail:




Way Express Courier's enables an electronic mail address (e-mail) in its system, which, provided by the client, will be the recipient of:


Confirmation (pre-alert) of departure.

Incidents (if any).

Final delivery confirmation.


Delays not attributable to the Agency:


The non-delivery of the transported merchandise due to the absence or refusal of the recipient, deficiency of their data or non-payment of the amounts derived from the freight carried (postage, insurance, taxes, expenses...), will be the responsibility of the sender, who will be obliged to bear at your expense all the expenses of said incident, including, where appropriate, the price and other expenses of the freight of the merchandise, produced by its return to origin or subsequent deliveries, as well as the repercussion of the corresponding insurance.


Liability limits, insurance, claim deadlines and payment conditions:


Way Express Courier's is not obliged to study any claim until the transport price has been paid (deductions of the amount of the claim from said price will not be accepted).


Way Express Courier's will apply the conditions and requirements of our suppliers for all its services and transport, since we only act as intermediaries and our responsibility ends once we channel the shipments through the company that will carry out the transport, from that moment the obligations will be borne by this third party and we will not be responsible for damages or losses caused by our subcontractors.


Way Express Courier's considers that the shipment was delivered in good condition, unless the recipient who has accepted it states in our proof of delivery the existence of damage. In order for us to consider a claim for damage, both the original contents and packaging must be available for us to inspect.


The sender may request from the agency the contracting with the insurance company that it deems appropriate, of a supplementary insurance

that covers, with a declaration of real value, the damages that the goods may suffer, up to their declared value. The price of this insurance will be 1.5% of the declared value and with a minimum of 23 Eur. If this insurance is not contracted, the limits of liability established at all times by international transport regulations will apply in any case. IATA or CMR.


Claims for delayed breakdown must be formalized in writing before the carrier, within fourteen days following delivery or the date on which it should have been delivered (see zone/transit table). The lack of this prior claim will prevent the exercise of the corresponding actions.


The client will be obliged to pay the price at the agreed time. In the event of any breach of the terms of the credit, the amounts not paid by the client will accrue default interest equivalent to the average rate of EURIBOR – year, on the day of the calculation plus two percentage points, calculated on the debt due from the date in which it should have been paid until they are fully paid.




For any litigation that may arise between the parties, the sole jurisdiction of the Spanish courts is agreed, which deals with commercial litigation, whatever the origin or destination of the shipments.


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Today customs agencies around the world have elevated techniques for shipping incoming shipments from our company in Spain. From time to time it is expected that your country will poke small holes in the packages to verify that the product is not narcotics. This is normal. If you receive a package that has been inspected, it may appear damaged but this is work that your country may conduct to ensure food safety. We have no way of controlling this inspection. We can however guarantee that the product has not been contaminated and that the product is still safe to use.


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